Ultraísta, More Than Just Small Talk

It’s the random discoveries that make life worth living. They rejuvenate the soul when it is worn from the everyday and allow us to escape the monotony. When we are spent and want to spend what’s left on a couch in front of a screen, we must snort life’s line and wake ourselves up.

This weekend, I experienced a revival and their name is Ultraísta. Blessing the stage at the Echoplex in their U.S. debut, the U.K. trio graced a crowd of familiarity and open minds. Their sound is grounded by Nigel Godrich (Radiohead, Atoms for Peace) and his signature distorted bass lines, while Joey Waronker (Atoms for Peace, Beck) dances on his drums like Fred Astaire at Woodstock. Front-woman Laura Bettinson leaves you mesmerized with her soft sound and similar stare, making all wall-flowers reach for the light.

The band is currently promoting their debut self-titled album, which was released earlier this month. I recommend a listen or if you’re in San Francisco (10.22.12) or New York (10.24.12). Experience them live before they head back home.

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John Alvin makes art and writes on his free time. He currently works in Los Angeles, CA in the film industry. John is also the owner of Work Shrt and one-half of the musical duo JonDre. For more information, contact him at: yearofthebore@gmail.com.

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