Swell Sound: Jeans Wilder @ The Bootleg Theater

Monday night excursions can result in an interesting experience. Walking into a converted warehouse, running into a pop-up flea market, and standing in a room decorated as if it were senior prom with a full bar, was the experience provided at the Bootleg Theater. Wait, is that Reed Rothchild?

If this evening was meant to be mellow, then Jeans Wilder was meant for this evening. Jeans Wilder (Andrew Caddick), and his present accompaniment brought his experimental sound to downtown Los Angeles via San Diego. It was reminiscent of the beach but not in the way most people imagine it. I’m thinking more of that awake to see the morning grey after a long night of “D&A” kind of experience.

While everyone around you is laid-out in the sand, it’s just you and that other guy still enjoying the “trip.” Well that other guy is Caddick, loosely playing his guitar while his faint voice rides the sound of the waves. Imperfect in its presentation, it was perfectly present for anyone who understands where I’m coming from.

 About the Author

John Alvin makes art and writes on his free time. He currently works in Los Angeles, CA in the film industry. John is also the owner of Work Shrt and one-half of the musical duo JonDre. For more information, contact him at: yearofthebore@gmail.com.

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