Nicole Scherzinger to Release Indian Versions of New Single

As Nicole Scherzinger gears up to release her debut solo album, Killer Love, she’ll also be releasing several Indian versions of her hit new single “Right There.” Scherzinger worked with Rolling Stone India’s top DJ, DJ Lloyd and the popular Desi band Culture shock, originally from Canada, in conjunction with fusion media company Desi Hits.

“To all my fans in India: After working with A.R. Rahman on ‘Jai Ho’ I couldn’t think of a better way to remix my latest single ‘Right There’ than with Culture Shock and DJ Lloyd for Desi Hits! I hope you enjoy these exclusive remixes and my debut album Killer Love. I have killer love for you guys and hope to see you soon!” said Nicole.

DJ Lloyd’s version incorporates Sufi singer Raja Hassan, which creates an atmospheric sound that effortlessly blends a contemporary pop beat with a full and undiluted eastern flaor, rarely executed in a sophisticated and seamless manner. Culture Shock’s electric remix of “Right There,” features strong Punjabi vocals of Sunny Brown and the soulful sound from Lomaticc.

“To create a blend of Kamasutra feel I added sounds of santoor, flute and tabla maintaining the originality of the track. I still felt that it was incomplete without using a Bollywood singer to do a traditional sufi combined with some Bollywood drama,” said DJ Loyd.

Nicole has been an un-official global ambassador of Desi culture, music and fashion for many years. From the iconic pictures of her donning a saree at the Fashion Rocks event in NYC, which kicks off NYC Fashion Week each year, to embracing ‘Jai ho’ and working in collaboration with AR Rahaman, Nicole has pioneered the Bollywood movement bringing Desi flavor to the heart of America.

“Nicole has been a long time fan of Desi Culture – from music to film, fashion and beauty. We are excited to reignite her connection with the Indian audience by releasing this new remix,” says Anjula Acharia-Bath CEO of Desi Hits.

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Author: Christy Scronce

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