Travie McCoy Rocks the El Rey Theater

Hundreds of fans came out to the El Rey Theater on March 30th to watch XV, Donnis, Bad Rabbits, Black Cards and headliner Travie McCoy.

Lights flashed and hundreds of fans chanted Travie McCoy’s name repeatedly and when McCoy walked onto the stage with such swag, the crowd went crazy. He walked to the edge of the stage, towered above the audience and began belting out lyrics.

Throughout the night, he knelt over to the audience with his arm extended for screaming fans to grab and hold. Every song held something new and unique. He flawlessly spit lyrics followed by screams reminiscent of metal bands.

He entertained the crowd by telling them he used to watch the show “Fresh Prince of Bel Air.” The crowd cheered and McCoy continued to tell them about the “Carlton dance.” As they laughed from McCoy’s trip down memory lane, he starts doing the famous dorky dance. The fans encouraged him and then a river of phones and cameras went off, recording and photographing the funny 90’s dance.

McCoy knew how to engage his audience and by the end of the night, not a fan in sight had a bad time. Fans definitely got what they paid for and the bottom line: a Travie McCoy ticket is money well spent.

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All photos by Nicole Lemberg
Review by Pharah Patterson

About the Photographer

Nicole Lemberg is a teen concert photographer, reviewer, and band interviewer. She recently started her own website and her work has been published on numerous music related sites. She is a point and shooting guard on her high school basketball team. In her free time Nicole goes to concerts and hangs out with friends.

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