Live Review: Om Records Grammy Event feat. Groove Armada, Dirty Vegas & Jason Bentley

Groove Armada

In celebration of electronic music duo Groove Armada’s Grammy nomination, OM Records put together one of the best parties at the Supperclub in Hollywood Saturday night. The event featured KCRW’s Jason Bentley, Dirty Vegas and the duo of the hour, Groove Armada. The Grammy weekend kick-off party consisted of all-night fist pumps, sexy acrobats dropping from the ceiling and non-stop bottle popping. If you missed out on the event, Disarray Magazine’s got your coverage hook-up.

Upon arrival, the venue was empty at around 9pm and as it started to fill, we saw men in suits wearing running shoes. (picture Michael Scott, of The Office). The vibe inside the Supperclub was that of a corporate holiday party. You know, the ones where everyone’s nervous at first, until they get a few drinks in and then everyone feels comfortable mingling. Was this going to get better, we wondered? Well, we should have been tipped off by the running shoes.

Little did we know, men in suits and women dressed to the nines could party hard, harder than us on any given New Year’s Eve extravaganza. Bottom line: good music inspires fun and the party went from something corporate to a night of dancing and debauchery.

Everyone in attendance was there to celebrate Grammy nominated Groove Armada, which consists of Andy Cato and Tom Findlay. The duo started the group in the mid-90’s. Before Groove Armada took the stage, Jason Bentley warmed up the audience. Unfortunately, the sound system cut off a few times but the crowd cheered anyway. Then, Dirty Vegas took the stage.

Check out Dirty Vegas’ live performance of “Days Go By,” followed by “Sweet Dreams.” Footage filmed with our MinoHD Flip Video Camera:

Dirty Vegas kept the party pumping with progressive beats coupled with acrobats:

Next was Groove Armada, who really got the party going with music synced with laser light shows reminiscent of a rave, minus sweaty teens rolling on “you know what.”

To see what you missed, check out our live footage:

All photos by Markus Alexander 
Video footage by Christy Buena via MinoHD Flip Cam

Were you at this event? Find your photos on our Facebook Fan Page:

Overall, the event was a huge success and the music, the acrobats, the lights and the crowd contributed to a great event.

For more information on Groove Armada, visit:

For more information about Dirty Vegas, visit:

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