Interview with Stuntman Shane Daniels

You might recognize him from American Ninja Warriors 1 and 2 or as a freestyle runner/Parkour enthusiast in the Santa Monica area. Shane Daniels, the half English/Filipino with model looks, is making a name for himself as he takes on Hollywood as a stuntman. Check out our interview with Daniels as he discusses his obstacles, goals and current projects. 

Shane Daniels

1) We last saw you on American Ninja Warriors 2. Has being on the show changed your life in any way?
ANW 2 was definitely a great experience. G4’s budget was exponentially larger than last year so they were able to advertise and promote the show to a huge audience. Because of this, people have recognized me from the show much more than they did last season. It is a really cool feeling only because I have been getting messages like, “You have inspired me to train,” or “inspired me to follow my dreams and goals.” For me, knowing that I have been able to inspire people with what I have done, makes me want to keep striving and working hard for my life goals.

2) What are some of your career goals?
I have chosen being a stuntman as a profession. I have always loved the sensation of an intense situation that takes every fiber of my body to conquer. I always come out of it with a clear mind and a great sense of accomplishment with what ever it may have been. I guess I have always been an adrenaline junky. My goal in stunts is to work on many projects to support my son Jaiden and give him everything he needs. He is my motivation for everything. I love him very much and hope to be able to move him down closer to me so I can see him when ever I want.

3) Is there anyone you wish to work with?
Ever since I started learning parkour/ freerunning it has been my goal to work with, and be a part of Team Tempest. It has been 4 years and I have definitely lived this dream. I have worked with the team on several occasions. They are a wonderful group of people. I always tell people that the only time I had ever been star struck was the day that I met Paul Darnell, Rich King and Gabe Nunez. I went to a gym and there they were, three guys that I had seen on Youtube over and over again. I was sitting on a gymnastics block sitting next to Diddy (Paul) and I was so quiet and kept to myself. He turned to me and said, “Hi, I’m Paul,” and I shook his hand and nervously I said, “I totally know who you are, I’m Shane.” I’ve never been star struck ever!

4) What is the toughest experience you’ve ever had to overcome?
One of the biggest obstacles in my life that I have had to overcome, is letting my son leave with his mother to live in Sacramento when she and I had split up. It was like a huge part of my being was ripped away from me. This was a decision that has everyday since, been an issue I think about. I miss him very much and I try to see him as much as possible. At the same time, it is a blessing because it gives me the time to get my career where it needs to be so I can make enough money to support him and give him the life he needs. He has a lot of people in northern California to help watch him with her side of that family. Here, I don’t have that.

Shane and son Jaiden

5) What is the best piece of advice someone has given you?
Lets see, the best advice that I have ever received, if I really want something, I have to be able to risk everything for it. My buddy Zero Kazama had told me that if I was serious about getting what I want and where I need to be, I have to learn how to sacrifice everything… Whether it be going hungry, or not having a place to stay. If I work hard and put EVERYTHING into the career I want, I will be where I need to be. I find this very true.

6) Who has influenced you the most in your life?
I cannot really say who has influenced me the most in my life because I have learned from so many; friends, family, girlfriends and even complete strangers. I have always believed we come into contact with people in our lives for a reason and that we have something to learn from them even if we don’t see it immediately.

7) Do you have any advice for Parkour enthusiasts just starting out?
For beginning freerunning/ parkour enthusiasts, I say condition hard and learn the basics but above all be safe and make the right decisions. Parkour is about self expression and doing what you love. We are not bound by pathways and straight lines. Although we can do many things with training, it is not always necessary to get on a roof and jump off it. That’s something that will sure get you in trouble and kicked out. Always respect your training grounds as well as the people who inhabit them.

8) Approximately, how many hours per day do you spend on freestyle running?
People often ask me how often and for how long do I train. To be honest, with freerunning, I do not consider it training because it is a Lifestyle to me. I see the world as a child would. I walk on every crack I pass, I balance on all the curbs, and I jump on any rail that is in my way. You could be walking with me on the street talking and you would just see me run off at something that had caught my eye. I love to move.

9) What do you like to do in your spare time?
Right now I have a night job as security at a bar called Q’s in Santa Monica. I also teach Parkour private lessons on the beach. I always try to stay as busy as possible of course, especially if am trying to get my stunt career flying. On the rare occasion that I am not on the beach training because I am too sore, I will try to watch the latest episodes of Naruto, Bleach and One Piece. I am a big anime fan. Yes I’m a nerd! That is very rare though because if I find myself at home, and it is not too late, I get very fidgety and end up going for a walk and training anyways. The only things that keep my focus right now is training and reading.

10) Are you working on any projects at the moment?
I have just recently worked a day on an upcoming movie called “Freerunning”. I double the main actor by the name of Sean Ferris. I am really excited to see how that turns out. A small project now, but we hope to pitch it to become a huge feature film, it’s a futuristic zombie short called “Freezer Burn”. You can find more info about this project here

At the moment we are trying to raise funds for it. I’m gonna be a zombie!!! There are a few projects that are always in the works with Team Tempest so the list can go on and on. My year has definitely started off the way I had hoped. I just have to work hard to keep it going and reach my goals.

10) Where can people go to find more information about you online?
If people wanted to reach me online, they can definitely add me on my Facebook, Twitter or Youtube account. Ascentpk would be my screen name on twitter and youtube. Also, if anyone is interested in Parkour lessons on the beach they can add “Santa Monica Parkour” on Facebook and contact me there. Someone suggested I should make a website… but that may be somewhere down the line.

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  1. i like the parkour sport and i will join the parkour courses. thank for sharing the more information of parkour freerunning sports and technique.


  2. Many years ago…the 1940s my best mate was Ken Daniels. We met in the Air-raid shelters (WW2) and became almost brothers….Had he not died so young
    🥺 he would have been so proud of Gary, but loved both his sons, Shane just as much.
    Ken & I were great mates and on my return from many months at sea there would always be a home for me at 87 Rosebank Avenue, Sudbury Hill, near Harrow, where he lived with his Mum.
    Shane n Gary just boys at the time with their Mum…Pam. Ken n Pam were great Cyclists. To see Ken – all shape n muscles – on the top dining board at the local pool….the girls almost wet them selves…. Now at 86 my memories become so valuable for yesterdays…
    My name is Pete Troy:
    All for now…Pete x


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