Live Review: B.A.M. Festival of Santa Monica

Beer guzzling, art and music enthusiasts gathered at the B.A.M. Fest: Beer, Art and Music Festival on Saturday. Attendees enjoyed all you can drink beer from 20 breweries and food from trendy food trucks. Throughout the festival grounds, there was a feeling of camaraderie as buzzed festival goers joked with friends and filled their little glasses with sudsy beer.

BAM tasting glass

As we made our way through the festival, we spotted a wine and cheese tent for those wanting to switch things up. We enjoyed the Torrontes crisp, Sauvignon Blanc from Argentina.

There were 20 different beers at the festival and you could easily tell which breweries were popular as they contained the longest lines. While the crowd waited in line at the Sam Adams tent, we opted for tents that had short lines. Luckily, with this process we discovered a few notable beers that had us returning for more. What stood out was Brewery Ommegang’s Belgian style ales from Coopertown, NY, which kept luring us back. This ale was simply delicious and had a refreshing crisp, citrus taste with hints of spices. Unfortunately, this beer is not sold in stores (yet).

Another refreshing treat was from Lagunitas Brewing Company, which featured a flavorful and bold IPA India pale ale. This well-balanced, moderately bitter/hoppy, spicy ale had us coming back two to three more times. 

Believe in your product
While wandering around the festival, we stumbled across some cool photographs and then we were greeted by an art duo consisting of photographer Rick Mendoza and author Jim Marquez. Both guys have one thing in common: they showcase the downtown Los Angeles scene through their experiences. L.A. is not all glitz and glamour and these guys show and tell through images and words. 

Photographer Rick Mendoza

Jim Marquez is pictured below holding the blown up cover of his book. You can purchase it at:

Jim Marquez

Editor Christy Buena 

We were able to catch two bands at the festival: JT Ross and his band Speedway (pictured below) and The Makepeace Brothers.

JT Ross performed soulful Blues music and got the crowd moving. Ross is recognized for his skill on the harmonica. “There’s a really short list of exciting harmonica players on the horizon who are steeped in solid blues credentials. Certainly JT Ross the Harmonica Boss is one of the top ones to watch”
– Southern California Blues Society President Z. Slovinsky

For more information about JT Ross, visit:

JT Ross and his band Speedway

As soon as the Makepeace Brothers started to jam on stage, the tipsy crowd started dancing. What stood out about this band was their soothing harmonies and feel-good tunes that you could easily sing along to. 

Find out more about this band by visiting:

The Makepeace Brothers

The Makepeace Brothers

The first annual B.A.M. festival offered a fun-filled event in an intimate location. The only drawback we found was that one of the vendors, AsiaDog, ran out of food. Luckily, the Green Truck was still cooking up meals but then they ran out of hamburger patties. Luckily, within 10 minutes, they were back in action and hungry carnivores appeased their hunger.

Overall, the event was about Beer, Art and Music and the event succeeded in delivering the three components. The good news: beer was flowing and it didn’t run out. We suggest you check out the second annual B.A.M. Festival. You’ll discover new artists, cool bands and taste delicious brew from all over the nation.

Were you at this event? Let us know in the comments section! 

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All photos taken by Markus Biegel 

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