Live Review: Dirt Nasty @ The Roxy Theatre

Dirt Nasty and Ke$ha

King of the Anti-After School Special, Dirt Nasty (Simon Rex), is back with a new album titled, Nasty As I Wanna Be. The former MTV VJ turned rapper collaborated with some mainstream names for his new release, working with Too Short, Ke$ha and LMFAO. He debuted new tracks at the all-ages Roxy Theatre show singing about cougars, fellatio, sex, tits and drugs. At the show we spotted famous faces including David Faustino (Bud Bundy), Ke$ha, members of LMFAO and Cobrasnake. In Dirt Nasty fashion, the rapper attracted hoochie high schoolers, party animals and a crowd that screamed when he asked, “Who’s got illegal regalia?”

Rex opened the show in a suit singing the song, “Nasty as I Wanna Be,” while girls in the front row tried grabbing on him. Unfortunately, photographers were allowed onstage, obstructing everyone’s view as they attempted to get their money shots.

As the night progressed, Dirt Nasty kept peeling clothing off and in between songs, requested a shot of Patron. The standout song of the night was, “Cougar” featuring Bonnie McKee. At the end of the performance, Dirt Nasty said, “Cougars will suck your dick and make you a palatial breakfast. That’s what they do.” Then, he asked if there were any cougars in the audience and a few high schoolers raised their hands and screamed. Strange.

The crowd went crazy when Dirt Nasty yelled, “Bring that BITCH out here!” (He was referring to Ke$ha). A minute later, she joined him on stage singing, “Miami Nights.” Fans grabbed her as she strutted back and forth on stage wearing a revealing outfit and high-as-hell wedge shoes.

Before the song, “Cracker Ass Fantastic” Rex picked a Hispanic girl from the crowd and dedicated the song to her and all Hispanic chicks. Here’s the music video to the song:

Another memorable track was “Boom Box,” where Rex brought out a gigantic 80s radio. The song had the crowd dancing, waving hands in the air and some fans were screaming. 

Unfortunately, we had to head out early and didn’t get to see Dirt Nasty perform our favorite song, “1980.” Check out our favorite video for the song “1980”:

Did You Know: Dirt Nasty produced Mickey Avalon’s hit track titled, “My Dick” and appeared in Ke$ha’s video for “Tik Tok.”

When you create a party atmosphere, you will attract belligerent people looking for a good time. Clearly, the Roxy Theatre was poppin’ and Dirt Nasty brought out the freaks that night. One of them stumbled behind me and spilled Vodka down my back. Overall, if you’re looking for a fun show to forget your problems, watch the crazy antics of Dirt Nasty, Beardo and Andre Legacy.

Photos by Markus Biegel 

For more information on Dirt Nasty, visit:

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