Live Review: Iglu & Hartly at the Maloof Money Cup

Iglu & Hartly performed at the Maloof Money Cup Sunday night to an enthusiastic crowd at the OC Fairgrounds. After the Maloof Money Cup skateboarding competition, the band played on the Village Stage, drawing an energetic audience consisting of hardcore Iglu & Hartly fans and festival passerby’s.

The band kicked off their set with “Jump Out of Your Car,” an upbeat, feel-good tune that opened with keyboards causing the audience to dance and jump around throughout the entire song. If you’ve never seen this band live or heard their music, these guys bring straight up rock n’ roll to the stage. Put it this way, we’re glad our friend Rich Noguchi at Mixtape Junkie introduced us to their music. These guys will give you your money’s worth and have you dancing or tapping your foot by the end of their set.

Slowing things down a bit, the band performed, “Believe,” where fans sang along in unison. Songs that got the most reaction out of the crowd included, “Whatever We Like,” “Violent and Young,” “Day Glo” and the popular ode to Los Angeles, “In This City.”

Iglu and Hartly debuted a new song titled, “Hearts Bleeding on a Highway.” Check out our footage from the show:

Disclaimer: Audio might sound a bit muzzled.
Hearts Bleeding on the Highway by Iglu & Hartly from Disarray Magazine on Vimeo.

We got footage of the band performing, “Whatever We Like.”
Iglu & Hartly – Whatever We Like LIVE from Disarray Magazine on Vimeo.

Check out our slide show for more photos from the event:

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All photos taken by Markus Biegel

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Author: Christy Scronce

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