Live Review: Danzig @ Club Nokia

Danzig headlined a show at Club Nokia performing with DJ fred, Sablan, Toxic Holocaust and All Shall Perish. Unsurprisingly, the show was sold out and the venue was packed! While you can’t expect a band to perform the exact way they did 20 years ago, Danzig held their own and played an entertaining show. Unfortunately, one die-hard Danzig fan felt different and said, “I’ve seen Danzig ten times. This show was weak sauce! ‘She Rides’ is not an encore song!”

The standout opening band on the bill was Toxic Holocaust. As soon as they took the stage, the venue was hit with shit loads of energy and fast-paced satanic black/trash metal, which the crowd seemed to love. Front man Joel Grind encourage fans to throw up their devil horns while the band performed songs such as “666,” and “Nuke the Cross.” The crowd was fired up. Overall, I’m a big fan of Toxic Holocaust and they did not disappoint with their set.

Finally, the band that everyone was waiting for took the stage. Danzig graced everyone with their presence and everyone rushed to the front, or tried to. In order to get into the pit area, you needed a wristband, but that didn’t stop die hard Danzig fans – they hopped over the railing into the pit area. With only one security guard for each opening, the crowd bum rushed the poor bastards at the beginning of the set.

The band opened their set with “Wotans Procession.” The instruments sounded clean, a benefit of attending big venues. The only downfall was the pit area restriction. Anyway, the next song they performed was, “Skin Carver,” where almost everyone in the room had their fist pumping, devil horns in the air, all while head-banging.

Onstage, the whole band was energetic. Glenn Danzig didn’t stand in one spot and ran around onstage, getting the audience pumped.

Between songs, front man Glen Danzig was breathing heavily on the mic, which was a clear indication that his age was catching up with him. The band played a song called “Thirteen,” which Glenn Danzig wrote for Johnny Cash. Apparently, they just recently started playing it live. It was good to see Glenn Danzig still rocking the black wardrobe and maintaining that signature voice everyone’s familiar with.

While this show was good, the Danzig concert last September with TSOL, Pennywise and Suicidal Tendencies was much better – more entertaining. The crowd at that show had more energy.

In the end, the band should have snuck in “She Rides” on the regular setlist and for the encore, they should have come out with, “Long Way Back From Hell.” Overall, Danzig is a band to watch and although everyone is entitled to their own opinion, the fact is: not every band will stay the same, especially not after 20 years.

(Photo credit: evilive/M. Nunez)

Steven Buena, Photographer/Writer

Shooting a variety of niches, Steven Buena has experience in concert footage, fashion photography, drift competitions, skateboarding photos and more. Covering everything from cars, rockstars and models, Steven is widening his scope and writing concert reviews in his spare time.

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