Rimmel London Review

Rimmel London’s team recently provided us with fashion-forward samples from their Spring 2010 Collection. We’ll run through the products and give you the scoop on how you can incorporate these shades into your summer palette.

Glam Eyes Mono Eye Shadow: Celestial Sapphire ($3.50 each)
This shade is perfect for a night on the town, especially if you’re looking to create dramatic smokey eyes. Pair the shade with a lighter hue and emphasize Celestial Sapphire on your crease. For a daytime look, apply a light layer all over your lid.

Glam Eyes Mono Eye Shadow: Night Jewel
The pigmented shimmery gray eye shadow really intensifies any look with its blendable, shimmery shade. We paired the shade with Celestial Sapphire, applying the CS on the lid and Night Jewel on the crease.

Glam Eyes Mono Eye Shadow: Spicy Bronze
This shade is shimmery brown for a great bold bronzy look. You can pair this eye shadow with the Glam Eyes Night Jewel shade. Apply the Spicy Bronze shade all over your lid and use the Glam Eyes Night Jewel shade in your crease. Top off the look with a thin line of eyeliner on the upper lid, applying as close to the lash line as possible.

Royal Gloss ($5 each)
If you hate sticky lip gloss that feels thick and greasy, then you’ll be glad to know that Rimmel London has delivered a non-heavy, anti-gross lip gloss that keeps your lips looking shiny without the Vaseline thickness.

Long Lasting Blendable Blush & Highlighter shade trio palettes blend ($5 each)
When it comes to blush, we want pigmented, long-lasting wear and XX fits the bill. Offering a rosy glow, this blush is perfect for a youthful look.

Sun Shimmer Maxi Bronzer for Face and Body ($8 each)
For a beautiful sun-kissed streak free look, this large bronzer palette is perfect for those looking to get shimmery color on both the face and body. We noticed tiny glitter particles but luckily, these particles are not annoyingly large. Don’t you just hate when glitter is overbearing, making you look like an elementary school girl? We do.

You may find these products at any drugstore. For more information, check out:


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