Live Review: 30 Seconds to Mars at the Greek Theater in L.A.

Not many bands can command an audience the way 30 Seconds to Mars did at the sold out Greek Theater in Los Angeles Saturday night. Front man Jared Leto was on a mission and announced, “I’m going to make some new ground rules. My mission in life is to make sure every single one of you has the best night of your entire fucking life. I will not stop until I win, you fucking hear me out there? “

Touring in support of their latest album, This is War, the band (Tomo Miličević and Shannon Leto), opened with “Night of the Hunter.” The show started off with the band behind a white curtain, flashing lights and Leto with a bat in hand, reminiscent of a Friday the 13th’s Michael Myers, minus the mask. The pounding drums blasted across the amphitheater speakers and fans sang along to every lyric. The Greek Theater was transformed into an interactive show filled with lights synced to every drum beat, which created an overall epic performance. Memorable songs performed included, “Attack,” where Leto ran around the stage, guitar in hand, and commanded the crowd to scream during the chorus. 

Other notable songs included, “Vox Populi,” “Hurricane, “The Kill” and “Kings and Queens.” The band even did a cover of Lady Gaga’s, “Bad Romance.” Here’s some footage from the BBC Radio1:

Whether you’re a virgin experiencing these guys live for the first time, or a veteran who’s seen them more than twice, the bottom line is these guys have talent and they know how to work an audience. Fans followed instructions obediently as front man Leto told them to scream, jump up and down, touch the sky and even gave fans a chance to stand on stage for the night’s finale, “Kings and Queens.” These guys offer nothing but non-stop energy, raw talent and the music they play makes it sound like an auditory illusion. You’ll ask yourself, “How can three guys create this much beautiful noise?” 

Were you at this show? Let us know what you thought in the comments section!

Here’s a sneak peek of what you missed:

Kings and Queens Live:

Videos courtesy of MLH

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  1. Oh My God, I was at this concert and jared Leto completed his mission because it was the best experience of my life! He was simply amazing and the performance was epic. I fell in love with him and the band all over again. He showed that not only does he have beauty with his pretty face, but he has incredible talent, along with Tomo and Shannon. They are my favorite band and this is was the performance of a lifetime!


  2. @Gladys Andrea: This show was one of the best shows I've been to in a long time. Normally, I get annoyed when the front-man holds the mic to the audience but Leto actually gave the crowd what they wanted although he was sick and coughing!


  3. I may not have been the oldest person in the room…but I must have been in the top 10. 🙂
    In spite of that, I found it to be an awesome performance. My absolute only complaint was that I couldn't really see the other band members, due to the dark lights, strobe lights, Jared lights, etc. I really wanted to watch Tomo in action, since I LOVE guitar work. Otherwise, it was indeed epic. It was so refreshing to dance and jump and not just sit in a chair listening, as one does at so many “mature” concert experiences. I saw them at a NASCAR race I was working 3 years ago and have followed them since.
    Loved when Jared made us screen fight, fight, fight, fight and then told us to stop, that we were scaring him. lol

    They are totally worth the money to see live.


  4. He didn't sing enough, b/c he was sick. So of course he butchered my fave songs which was the kill. :o(
    too busy messing with the crowd. Not only that some dude and chick behind us ruined the whole night for us plus a few others around us, screaming the whole night, yelling obscenities, being drunk, we had to wear ear plugs! We were in section B. UGH!


  5. I totally agree with the post above mine. We were in section B, too. I was disappointed with the show. This is the 2nd time seeing them live and Jared was sick AGAIN! I was really looking forward to hearing him sing this time around, but instead got to hear the audience sing every chorus of every song. Not what I paid or wanted to make the drive for. Shiny Toy Guns were horrible. Had to throw that in too.


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