Andrew W.K. Talks About His New Album, Record Label and Offers Advice on the Recession

Andrew W.K. is back and he’s showcasing his piano playing skills. Many might not know it, but the man known for singing party anthems like, “Party Hard,” and “She is Beautiful,” is also a talented pianist, motivational speaker, club owner and even has his own record label. Nowadays, he’s helping his fans experience a whole new type of live performance – his shows are now interactive.

Normally, concert goers pay good money to sit in the stands and watch their favorite musicians play hit songs. It makes sense – entertainment has always been a form of escapism, especially during hard times. People go to the movies, attend concerts and festivals so they can forget their problems.

Well, Andrew W.K. has decided to kick it up a notch and get his fans involved in the entertainment. Take Tuesday night’s performance at the Gibson Showroom in Beverly Hills, for example. Fans got involved in “call and response,” improvisational songs. The experience was entirely fresh and nobody knew what to expect. Songs were performed on the fly guaranteeing that any given show would never the same.

Disarray Magazine sat down with Andrew W.K. for an interview the day after his private concert at the Gibson Showroom.

Watch as Andrew W.K. offers advice on the recession.

Photos and videos courtesy of Steven Buena.

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