Morphine Killer Deliver Nightmares

What can be better than having two EP’s released within the same year by the same band? Well, Morphine Killer has done just that. Unapologetic, was the first round of killing by the almighty duo of Belle Roko and Eski. But now that some time has passed, another killing spree is upon us, this time revolving around our worse fears, and the ones that lay within our Nightmares.

This time around, the Morphine Killer’s style remains the same capturing a”dark” and “gloomy” effect as before, but the music kicks it up a notch by expressing a more vocal approach. The growling effects were more present on this album but the crisp clean vocals were less prominent. However, the album still managed to be eerie.

Musically, the instruments clashed into one another, forming a rough and progressive sound. If you took the gothic rock styles of Evanescence, mixed it together with the likes of the band H.I.M. and added the growling tactics similar to those of Bleeding Through, you’d have Morphine Killer’s latest work. Nightmares, draws the listener in to the music a lot more effectively this time around, exposing a more “darker” and edger side that we may not have ever expected to exist.

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