Switchfoot’s Seventh Album Hello Hurricane Proves to Be a Hit

Hello Hurricane is the seventh studio album from alternative rock act Switchfoot. Choosing a brand new path for themselves and creating their seventh achievement, singer Jon Foreman explains, “This album is an attempt to respond to those storms with an element of hope, trying to understand what it means to be hopeful in a world that keeps on spinning.”

With Hello Hurricane, Switchfoot chooses to thrive in 2009 breaking through with a new found independence. The band welcomes a new home studio, new label, and what they consider their “return to the roots” of creativity, sense and purpose. That’s why the band has built their own personal studio to go back to the golden days of letting the music just roll right off their finger tips.

The music showcases itself to be divided into 12-tracks, where the sound is unbelievable. Opening tune “Needle and Haystack Life,” takes you immediately back to Switchfoot’s classic methods of music usage, by having this opener sound quite similar to the classic hit from their fifth album Nothing is Sound single, “Stars.” Upbeat and catchy tones result when guitars clash together to overpower one another, cutting in for solo segments that just break away right into the end.

As far as the album continues to roll along, “Mess of Me,” along with “The Sound (John M. Perkins Blues),” tend to be the more aggressive tracks, while the other tunes tend to drain out the music altogether by compelling this overwhelming sensation that lacks the music’s progression side.

Switchfoot’s more modern mellow rock n’ roll rhythms leave those faster riffs at the start. The ending round-up of the album progresses down a more mellow side exemplified in songs such as “Free,” “Always,” and Bullet Soul,” which are the most meaningful and mellow driven.

Switchfoot’s Hello Hurricane, showcases an uplifting work of art that the band has meant to show off since the beginning and now it’s spread out for everyone to experience.

Disarray Magazine sat down with Tim Foreman for an exclusive interview: Switchfoot Bassist Tim Foreman Talks About Hello Hurricane

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